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Board engagement isn’t magic. But they don’t need to know that.

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What's a Wizard?

Wizards are all around us. Learn how to spot them.


Interviews with Executive Directors and CEOs. Inspiration from folks “in the trenches.”

Wizard Roundtables

You are the average of the people you spend the most time with.
A Simple Way to Get More From Your Board

A Simple Way to Get More From Your Board

Do you wish you could get more from your board? More help in generating buzz in the community. More interest in the strategic vision of the organization. More help with fundraising. More engagement. A simple way to get more from your board The most effective nonprofit...
Fear Is All Around You

Fear Is All Around You

What are you afraid of? If your response is, “I’m not afraid of anything!” then you might need to pause and do some self-reflection. You’re likely either ignoring or avoiding your fears. It’s okay, though. You’re not alone--lots of people wear false armor to try and...

We study high achievers--the Wizards--to learn their tools, strategies, and habits. Then we share them with you. So you can look like a wizard to your staff and board.

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